Police barking up the wrong tree in student prank case?

Police barking up the wrong tree in student prank case? 1

Anyone who sees this Facebook profile would know that this is nothing more than a prank. Someone who is really serious in assassinating the Prime Minister would not have announced his or her intentions publicly, much less have a Facebook profile declaring such an aim in their status. However the Malaysian police, being the dumb-asses and utter morons that they already are, saw it fit to regard this prank as a “threat” and arrested this student over this particular remark.

Honestly, I think this is simply a case of the police being over-zealous on a non-issue. That being said, this does not mean I condone the student’s prank at all. However, the issue could be handled in a much “quieter” way (such as calling up the student for counselling or contacting his parents to advise them of the consequences of making such threats online) and certainly with much less publicity than it is due for the past few days or so. Was it really necessary to make such a huge brouhaha by arresting the poor guy, harassing him during interrogation and later stuffing him in the lock-up over a Facebook profile status?

The real crimes are happening on the streets, you stupid policemen. Why don’t you chase after the real criminals instead of wasting our public funds on an obvious student prank?


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