Neither free nor brave: A response to Alvin Tan 1

Neither free nor brave: A response to Alvin Tan

Emmanuel Joseph

I’m sorry, but I think your post is nothing but pure, unadulterated bullshit. It’s the post of a selfish coward who does not really give a fuck about his fellow Malaysians, the Singaporean sponsors who financed his education, his family, or his friends. Academic prowess without wit is like giving a knife to a child. That’s what I feel you truly are — a whining child with a knife. You mock the efforts of thousands of Malaysians who are trying to make this place a better country. It’s not a wasted youth — it’s youth sacrificing themselves because they believe in a higher calling, a shared destiny we call Malaysia.

A Malaysia hopefully our children will still own a home.

Your struggle on the other hand is not for a better future for anyone but yourself. That’s not a struggle — that is personal ambition. You speak of responsibility, but I see none. I’m sorry — making porn makes you a hero of sorts? If that’s the case, we should make Sasha Grey the next U.S. President.

Your poor mother and girlfriend were left here to bear the brunt of your stupid, irresponsible bah kut teh greeting. Then you expected the Pakatan MPs to defend you? For what? On what basis? Because you’re Chinese, they are also Chinese? Wow, real calculated political move there, bro.

At a time we were already reeling from issue after issue, you had to make that stupid poster. It could have been that spark that could even start a riot. Smart, right? Then apologize. For what? Damn big dick right? Hero right? Apologize for what? Melayu bodoh Taliban, right? Why so scared? KNN here coward nak mampus, when you leave the country talk cock sing song.

Fucking bigger pussy than your girlfriend.

You’re no Ali Abd Jalil or Wan Ji.

They fought for something. They took on the institution head-on. Ali will be remembered as someone who faced jail time for speaking up — not making a bloody stupid poster. Make no mistake, you were jailed for making a stupid fucking poster that pissed the Malays off. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re just a delusional prick who will forever be remembered as the guy who ran away and left his girlfriend behind. And that would eventually haunt you.

I wish you well in America but then again, that’s the land of free and the home of the brave. And you are neither.

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