Menj Kena Tangkap? Lowyat Bastards!

There is this group of idiotic people who call themselves /k at Kopitiam LYN lowyat hnggghhh who are obsessed with the idea of menj kena tangkap.

The only reason for their vitriol and vendetta towards menj malaysia is simply because menj malaysia have exposed these pukimak anak haram jadah for their lies, racism, xenophobia, and their hatred towards Islam and the Muslims in general. 

They consist of fucked up racists, which I suspect are Cinapek tak potong kulup. You know, the kind of Cinabeng shitheads who think that speaking ching-chong makes them more superior than the rest of the world. That is the kind of mental people who boast about their โ€œ5000 years of cultureโ€. You can stuff your culture up a place where the sun does not shine, you Cina babi.

menj kena tangkap

Added to this mix are the liberal Malays with the kind of thinking that Islam is inferior and that they should kow-tow to Chinese (the type of Malays whom I hate and despise, you Melayu pemalas nak mampus), not to mention their paria keling hitam friends taken along for the rideโ€ฆand voila, you have a wonderful package of racists right up your alley.

So it should not be surprising that when news of menj kena tangkap appeared, these moronic fools and sons of dogs and pigs on the lowyat hnggghhh were celebrating and partying over the news that menj kena tangkap. Needless to mention, like the faceless cowards that these /k anjing pukimak are, they call menj malaysia with all sorts of names and disgusting fitnah stories, knowing full well that menj malaysia will not be able to answer them directly as menj lowyat member.

These people make all sort of silly assumptions about yours truly, ranging from making claims that I am separated from my wife (I am not), that my son suffers from autism (he does not) to stories about me โ€œdebatingโ€ Christian Prince, when I never did in the first place.

But these lowyat hnggghhh people do not seem to have a real job or a life; their sole purpose of existence is to backbite others and to make fun of anyone else apart from themselves in an obscure Malaysian forum far from the world and living in their own bubble world of ignorance and self-proclaimed superiority.

Now hereโ€™s the 411 for these faceless dogs from menj malaysia himself: you are all worthless trash, stupid backbiters, and not worth my time at all. You are all pygmies trying to fell down a giant. Good luck with your menj kena tangkap endeavors because it has not worked and it will never work.

What makes you think that you idiots can beat me for keywords ranking? As an SEO Specialist in Malaysia for 20 years, I know how to outgun and outrank your idiotic forum posts online.

Try better next time, okay?

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